Abundance Manifesting Kit Contains:

  1. Two Candles - One Green-One Orange (10 cm length)
  2. One Candle Dressing Oil - Wealth - Orange essential oil in a carrier oil
  3. Three Gemstones: One Aventurine, One Citrine & One Tigers Eye
  4. One Box of White Sage Incense Sticks  
  5. One Dream Catcher
  6. One Candle Holder
  7. 9-Page Information Guide
  8. Organza Bag


Abundance is what allows you to get more out of life, it enables you to express the best version of yourself! This manifesting kit provides everthing you will need to help you attract or improve abundance & prosperity into your life.


Aventurine: Green Aventurine has a reputation for bringing opportunity, money and prosperity. 


Citrine: When you want to manifest more wealth and abundance there’s no better crystal to turn to than Citrine. Citrine is the ultimate wealth crystal for manifestation. Citrine is one of the best prosperity crystals because it also helps you achieve your intentions faster.


Tigers Eye If you need to shift your perspective, look no further than Tiger’s Eye. Connect with the energy of Tiger’s Eye to help you see that there are multiple ways and paths to find financial success. Tigers Eye amplifies and boosts other crystals and stones around it, so pairing it with Aventurine & Citrine gives your manifesting ritual much more activating power.


You can also place the tigers eye on your root chakra, Aventurine on your heart chakra and Citrine on your solar plexus chakra for meditation & healing purposes.


Essential Oil – Orange is said to attract wealth, abundance, joy, security, peace, and happiness. annoint the candle with the oil. You can meditate or visualise yourself living a prosperous life during this ritual. Orange is connected to the Sacral Chakra.


One Box of White Sage Incense Sticks  - Used in rituals for centuries and is known for its cleansing, and protective properties. Used for purifying, space clearing, cleansing crystals, and ritual preparation.


The candles burn for approximately one & half hours to two hours which is just right for ritual/manifesting work. 


The candle-holder is the correct size for this type of small ritual candle.


The Dream-Catcher is provided to help your manifesting work even while you sleep! (Colour & Style depends on what is in stock).


This Manifesting Kit may be for those of you who feel confident using this type of ritual, and who have probably had previous experience of the 'Law of Attraction' or with candle magic or similar rituals. However, 'Newbies' can also use this manifesting kit if they feel confident to do so. If Beginners prefer to start with something that they can learn about and gain confidence from, then I suggest you try the 'Candle Magic Starter Pack'. Go check it out by clicking on the 'Magical Starter Packs' button on the menu above.


Disclaimer: Never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn candles out of reach of children & pets. Do not move whilst lit or if wax is molten. Place on a flat, level, heat-resistant surface away from other sources of heat & out of draughts.





Attracting (or Improving) Abundance - Manifesting Kit

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  • If you want to attract abundance and prosperity into your life, the very first thing you need to do is change ‘scarcity mentality’. Much of society seems to be built on focusing on ‘Lack’, thinking about what you don’t have. It's a mentality that tells people that there is a lack in life, that opportunities are few and far between.


    In order to successfully manifest abundance and prosperity your ‘mindset’ needs to be focused on the abundance you can attract into your life for example; if you’re in the mindset of being rich, you will attract a lot more money. If you’re in the mindset for success, you will get a lot more success. How amazing is that?


    If you want to get into a positive mindset and activate the law of attraction, this Abundance Kit is a great way to help you do that.

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