Pendulum Dowsing/Numerology Starter Pack:

Chart dowsing involves swinging the pendulum in a neutral swing (meaning no answer is indicated) and allowing it to eventually move until it is swinging over the answer in the chart. In this case it may be the archangel chart or the Yes/No etc. chart. And to help you develop even more skills,  this Pack also includes a numerology chart. 


Pack Contains:

​1) - Pendulum Dowsing Chart containing instructions 'how to use' along with meanings/interpretations on the reverse side (A4 laminated).

2) - Archangel Dowsing Chart containing instructions 'how to use' with meanings/interpretations on the reverse side for answers from 7 Archangels (A4 laminated).

3) - Numerology Chart showing how to calculate your 'Soul Vibration', 'Personality Vibration', 'Destiny Vibration', and Life Path/Lessons Vibration, with meanings/interpretations on reverse side. (A4 laminated).

4) - One Gemstone Pendulum so you can get started straight away! 

5) -  - 2- Page information guide.

Pendulum Dowsing & Numerology Starter Pack

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