Supporting Your Soul Journey with the Tarot

Don't have the time to attend a Workshop? Don't want the inconvenience of the travel? Don't drive? Don't have Child-Care? ...  No problem! Learn to read the tarot in the comfort of your own home!


This Introduction to the Tarot Course Includes:

1) Read Me First - Instructions Guidebook

2) The Fools Journey - Tarot Unmasked Guidebook

3) Stage One Basic - Minor Tarot & Their Numbers

4) 'Headings' for Tarot Readings

5) Tarot Suits - Aid

6) Cheat Sheet - Major Arcana Cards

7) Cheat Sheet - Minor Arcana Cards

8) Cheat Sheet - Pages - Knights - Events

9) Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

10) Court Cards Position - Cheat Sheet

11) Stage Two - In-depth Interpretations Guidebook

12) Astrological Tarot Spread

13) Assessment & Certification (Optional)


You Don't Have to be Psychic to Read the Tarot but Tarot Can Help to Make You More Psychic!


**Check out my tarot decks & Kits for beginners to help you get started with your tarot course

('Tarot Home Study Course' is a Digital Download. Nothing will be sent to you in the Mail).


** You can order the physical, printed materials - Guidebooks, booklets, handouts etc. for this course if you prefer.

Learn to Read the Tarot - Download Your Course Now!

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    * You will need to print some of the material within this course.

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