Supporting Your Soul Journey with the Tarot

Don't have the time to attend a Workshop? Don't want the inconvenience of the travel? Don't drive? Don't have Child-Care? ... No problem! Learn to read the tarot in the comfort of your own home! All Guidebooks are bound so look like manuals, booklets, handouts, laminated sheets are high quality. All materials are printed and made to order so allow up to 7 days for delivery (except Sundays & Bank holidays).


 Introduction to the Tarot Course Includes:

1) Read Me First - 26 page Instruction Guidebook

2) The Fools Journey - Tarot Unmasked - 21 page Guidebook

3) Stage One Basic - Minor Tarot & Their Numbers - 2 page handout 

4) 'Headings' for Tarot Readings - 8 Headings on double sided laminated sheet 

5) Tarot Suits - 3 page Booklet

6) Cheat Sheet - Major Arcana Cards/Minor Arcana Cards - double sided A4 Laminated sheet

7) Cheat Sheets - Pages - Knights - Events & Court Cards Positions - A4 double sided Laminated sheet

8) Celtic Cross Tarot Spread - Handout

9) Stage Two - In-depth Interpretations Guidebook - 20 page Guidebook

10) Astrological Tarot Spread - Handout

11) Assessment & Certification (Optional)


You Don't Have to be Psychic to Read the Tarot but Tarot Can Help to Make You More Psychic!


**Check out my tarot decks & Kits for beginners to help you get started with your tarot course


** You can order the 'Tarot download course' if you prefer but you will need to print out the materials yourself.

Learn to Read the Tarot


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