A great gift for beginners or oracle/tarot enthusiasts.

This set of Oracle Cards has been created by American author Doreen Virtue who used to specialise in writing about angels and other spiritual topics. However, since she converted to Christianity in 2017, her oracle cards and books are getting harder to source. I have had to search the US, Australia, and China to obtain the decks of 'Crystal Angel Oracle Cards'.


The Messages from Your Angels oracle card deck makes it easier than ever to give an amazingly accurate angel reading for yourself or others. Each card features a gorgeous angel painting, along with a one- or two-sentence message.


These cards will help you and others know what your exact life purpose is, whether or not somebody is your soul mate, what to do about your job and living situations, and other important life questions.

Doreen Virtue based these cards upon her actual angel readings, using the most commonly asked questions and angelic answers to create the ultimate deck for both the beginner and the advanced oracle card reader.


Doreen Virtue delivers powerful, comforting, and inspiring messages from the angelic realm. These messages help listeners to clarify their indecision, to feel better about themselves, and to understand the role of the angels in their lives. Topics addressed include; life's purpose, love life, children, self-employment, finances and abundance, health and healing, finding courage, peace of mind, and the spiritual path.


** This deck is slightly smaller than the original but retains the symbolism and messages of the original size deck (approx 10cm x 7cm), and for some of you, a lot easier to handle. They fit neatly into your hand and are easy to shuffle.


** The supplier has provided a link to the digital download guidebook , so the  link will be emailed to you for you to access and download the guidebook to your own P.C. - OR ...


** If you prefer, I can print the guidebook for you in an A4 bound Manual style. if you want this service you will need to confirm with your order or by separate email. You will be invoiced for £4.95 for the manual which is over 70 pages. You will receive the manual and Oracle Card Deck together in the same package so that you are not paying postage costs twice.




Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards


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