Degree/Level 1- Reiki Package - This level opens the channels for the Reiki energy to flow through.

After an attunement to the first degree, the effect of Reiki is most often felt on the physical body. Life force energy gushes through the new channel and clears away the first layer of accumulated toxins from the system. This sometimes, but not always, results in a physical healing crisis causing the experience of symptoms such as running nose, fever, stomach disturbances, aches and pains etc.

Once the energy settles, most channels experience a sense of relaxation and wellness. Placing their palms over their body feels wonderful and many people say they have never experienced this degree of relaxation ever before. Others find that they have more physical energy than before, and all traces of lethargy leave their system. Each person is different, and some people also experience a sudden surfacing of past emotions.

People also feel a greater sense of connection with Source or the Universe. This helps them feel safer and at peace. They begin to take things easy and life flows a lot more smoothly.


What you Receive:

  • 40 Page Manual (PDF format)
  • 2 Handouts (PDF format)
  • Distant Attunement (includes audio)
  • Reiki Lineage (PDF format)
  • Certificate


** This is a complete download Package. Nothing will be sent to you in the post.

Reiki Level One


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