Reiki 3rd Degree/Level 3 - Package. The third degree attunement empowers the Master-Teacher to work with one of the most powerful healing symbols- the Reiki Master symbol.

After this attunement, the person can channel much more Reiki than at the previous two levels, and the Reiki Master can teach and carry out the Attunement process for others. At this level, just the intention to send Reiki works and the practitioner’s thoughts and intentions gain added power.

The energy now begins to work directly on the level of the soul and facilitates spiritual healing and healing through the timeline. Many Reiki Master-Teachers experience profound transformation after getting attuned to the third degree. They are guided to view life from a higher perspective- through the eyes of the soul- and to heal from that place of wisdom and understanding.

Layers of toxic patterns stored at deeper levels of being may come up to be healed. Healing always happens in stages and soon after we heal one layer, the next layer comes up. This process continues even after the third degree and goes on until healing is complete. Toxic patterns and trauma from previous lives may also come up to be healed.

So, we see that every level of Reiki is unique and offers unique energies to practitioners. It takes time for the system to absorb, integrate and work with the energy that is offered after each level. Rushing through levels may not be ideal because then we may not utilise the full potential that is offered with every attunement. It would be wise to trust our intuition and to move up to each of the higher levels only when we feel ready for them.


What You Receive:

40 Page Manual (PDF format)

7 Handouts (PDF format)

Double-sided Instruction Sheet to assist with giving Attunements

Distant Attunement (includes audio)

Reiki Lineage

Certificate (When Attunement has been completed)

I suggest that you either laminate the 'double-sided Instruction sheet' - or at least - glue each side onto a piece of cardboard to strengthen it as you will be using it to carry out Attunements until you feel you are Proficient without this instruction sheet.


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Reiki Level Three

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