Degree/Level 2 - Reiki Package. The second degree attunement empowers the Reiki channel to work with three Reiki symbols that add more power to healings.

The second degree attunement makes it possible for the practitioner to channel more Reiki than in level one.


At this level, the energy works more on the mental and emotional layers of the aura. It also continues to work on the physical body as the body, mind and spirit are inter-related. But the focus is more on mental-emotional healing.

After a second degree attunement, some people experience a mental-emotional healing crisis in which they find that troublesome patterns from their past return to their awareness. These could be unresolved emotions, fears, phobias, suppressed memories and the like. This is not always a comfortable phase to go through, but it is an essential aspect of healing. The reason they come up is to help us take responsibility for our lives and to make the choice to heal them, so we can then set ourselves free from the past.


What You Receive:

30 Page Manual (PDF format)

3 Handouts (PDF format)

Distant Attunement (includes audio)

Reiki Lineage (PDF format)



** This complete Reiki Package is download only. Nothing will be sent to you in the post.

Reiki Level Two


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