Each 'hand-made' Ribbon Reading Set comes with either a Vintage Hollow Filigree Leaf charm, a Faux Suede leather Tassel, an Antique Tibetan Silver Angel Wing, and twelve different coloured ribbons.


Ribbon Reading is a form of Psychometry. Psychometry readings are brought about through our sensation of touch. This occurs through the reader holding an object in their hands that belongs to or has been touched by the person who wishes to be read. The reader senses the energy that the object gives off.


Beginners usually start learning ribbon reading by having set meanings to each coloured ribbon untill their intuition develops. Experienced ribbon readers usually do not have set meanings to each individual ribbon. Ribbons are read by whatever the individual reader perceives through thought and touch as to what each colour represents to them, this is in fact very similar to that of aura readings where colours mean different things to different people, as long as you understand what a colour represents to you then you are able to read ribbons.

Ribbon Reading Set

Ribbon Reading Set

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