Ribbons have been used for centuries in different capacities. The Celtic folk used ribbons as a way of connecting with specific energies much like we do with flowers and crystals. Ribbons were used as people travelled around doing psychic readings on the road.

Pagans also used ribbons in many of their ceremonies, such as handfasting at weddings, where couples would have their hands ribboned together as a sign of unity i.e. tying the knot, and for dancing around the maypole during pagan celebrations.

In many cultures, ribbons have also been used for healing purposes. One common ritual was to tie a ribbon close to water.

Ribbons are one of the oldest forms of divination and this method is now becoming more popular again.


Ribbon Reading Starter Pack Contains: 

1) - Ribbon Reading sheet (A4 laminated) which provides six variations of  '3 - ribbon-reading spreads'; and one '6-ribbon -reading spread'. 

2) - Two-sided Chart (A4 laminated) giving meanings of each ribbon within placements 1-6  for the '6 - ribbon-reading  spread'.

3) - Twelve loose ribbons: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (Dark blue), pink, violet/purple, gold, and white.

4) - A nine page guide 'ribbon reading'.

Ribbon Reading Starter Pack

  • A wonderful learning tool to develop new skills as well as intuition, psychic sensitivity and awareness. 

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