Eleven varieties of Pulse Point - Essential Oil Blends in 10ml size roller-ball bottles - NEW from Kazzange.


  1. Be Calm Blend  Promotes whole body relaxation
  2. Authenticity Blend Helps bring out inner truth and self-expression
  3. Confidence Blend Promotes confidence, energy, and motivation
  4. Creativity Blend Helps use your imagination to be more creative 
  5. Energetic Cleansing for Empaths Helps cleanse body and mind from negative energy
  6. Focus Blend Helps to tune out distractions and focus on the task at hand
  7. Gratitude Blend Promotes appreciation for all the good in our lives
  8. Grounding Blend Allows you to feel centred and balanced
  9. Harmony of Mind Calms the mind for more focus 
  10. Self-Belief Blend Promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and self-belief
  11. Uplifting Blend Revitalizing, uplifting, and calming


Directions: Apply to pulse points behind ears and on the wrists. Rub wrists together and inhale the aroma.

Caution: These formulas must not be taken orally/internally!  Keep away from eyes and children

Roller-Ball Essential Oil Blends

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