Spell Card Kit Includes: One Card with a Magical Spell Inside, One Candle Holder, and One Candle.  These original spells can be safely used without any magical knowledge or experience. A Choice of four Spell Kits are available. The spell card kit is great for personal use and is a  unique gift for friends and loved ones who would benefit from a magical spell. 


Attracting Wealth Spell

A simple magical spell to help increase your money luck and bring prosperity. 

The card has a pink paper envelope and comes cellophane wrapped. 


True Love Spell

A  simple magical spell to celebrate the true love you have found with your partner. 

The card has a pink paper envelope and comes cellophane wrapped.


Good Health Spell

A simple magical spell to help bring you vitality and restore you to good health.

The card has a pink paper envelope and comes cellophane wrapped.


Change of Fortune Spell 

A simple magical spell to help remove obstacles to success and create a change of fortune, with instructions how to implement it.

The card has a pink paper envelope and comes cellophane wrapped.


These spells provide magical invocations as well as instructions about when, and how to use them.


When the appropriate time arises eg, when the sun is out (fire), or when the wind is blowing (Air), or when there is a new moon, and so on. Place your candle into the candle holder. Light your candle, and you may wish to burn some incense, or listen to meditative music, while reciting your invocation from inside the card. When you have finished, place your spell card on your alter or work-space that you have prepared, alongside your candle (and incense if used) allow the candle to burn down, and rest in the secure knowledge that the universe has received your invocational spell.


Card Art is by Annette Fry. The cards are 190mm length by 135mm width (7 & 1/2 " X 5 & 1/4").


** Do Not leave a burning candle. Make sure it is in a stable place where it will not be knocked over or caught in a draught. Think Safety at all times.


** If you have a preference for a particular colour candle please message me with your order to let me know. If I do not have the colour you request, a white candle will be provided. 







Spell Card Kit - Choice of Four

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