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Welcome to  Psychic Pathways online shop.

When I first had the idea of creating an online shop, I felt sure that my idea was a ‘seed’ planted in my mind by my spirit guides and the angels!  I meditated on it for a while, allowed the seed to grow, thus, Psychic Pathways was born. The 'seed' for my online shop grew out of my passion for all things psychic, mystical, magical, and wanting to achieve self-fulfillment while helping others along the way.

My friends know me as ‘Maggie’ (my middle name); I am known as 'Maggie Mystic' on Facebook. My first name is Angela but I prefer to be called Angie, it is this name that both my web sites are registered in.

I have had 40 years’ experience journeying the psychic/spiritual path, as well as working as a qualified/accredited therapist (IPHM Registered) and Instructor/Trainer.  I do various types of tarot readings; I sit in circle to enhance my connection with spirit, I also use Psychometry, crystal-ball, and palm stones (as well as a few methods I have developed myself) to enhance the readings I do for clients.   

As a Mystic I offer a ‘Learn the Tarot Workshop’ called: ‘Supporting Your Soul Journey with the Tarot’. I have also created ‘Alchemy Advanced Dowsing’ Home Study Course; Learner Starter Packs eg, Candle Magic, Ribbon Reading & Pendulum Dowsing; and Manifesting Kits for the more experienced or adventurous.

As a Quantum therapist, I offer several different types of energy recalibration therapies. If you would like to receive one of my therapy treatments, or looking to train as a therapist yourself, you can find out more on my website: 


I am passionate about bringing my customers a wonderful shopping experience, with great customer service, so  I hope you enjoy my site and products and,  as a new venture, Psychic Pathways is still growing so check in often to keep up to date with new products as they are added. It is you … the customer, who helps me to develop my shop, so please take the opportunity to feel part of Psychic Pathways Growth.


Much love & gratitude to my spirit guides, the angels, Universal guidance, and to you … as you are not only customers but friends I just haven’t met yet!

Contact Angie: 07828197618


Monday - Friday: 10:30am - 4pm    

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