Training Aid  for Reiki Masters - MRR

Fast-Track Your Reiki Practice

The 'Training Aids for Reiki Masters' combined with 'Master Resell-Rebranding Rights' is the perfect Business opportunity with endless earning potential.


Master Resell-Rebranding Rights - What Does It Mean?


Manuals & Handouts:


* You can edit the word documents, adding your name and Reiki Practice details to the manuals.

* You can add too or remove parts of the information in the manuals and handouts, so they are more in line with your own teachings and beliefs about Reiki.

* You can design and add new covers to the manuals to give them a unique style or branding.

* You can use the manuals and/or the handouts as a foundation to your own manuals and publish them online.

* You can give the manuals & handouts to students when they attend one of your workshops or sell them to other Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters with or without ‘Basic Resale Rights’.


Reiki Certificates


  • * There are different coloured sets of Reiki 1, 2, 3, certificates in editable word format that you can give to your own students who attend your workshops or online courses

  • * There are three certificates (levels 1, 2, 3) for students who receive a face-to-face Attunement from you and, three certificates for students who receive distance learning and/or distance Attunement.

  • * You can sell the templates to Reiki Masters.  




You also receive, Healing Reiki Music and meditation MP3s.

A selection of Reiki Images and posters, two MP4 Videos, and Reiki lineage.


The ‘Training Aids for Reiki Masters’ package is the perfect business in a box. It includes everything you need to teach Reiki to others in a professional manner; and of course, you can sell parts or all of this Reiki Training Package to others and keep all the profits for your-self.


So, if you have a website, web-store or blog or you just want to sell the complete Package on auction sites like eBay, you can do so and start making even more money on auto pilot 24/7.


What are you waiting for?


If you are serious about Reiki … Kick-start and fast-track your Reiki practice With the

‘Training Aid for Reiki Masters’ (MRR)

And get your Reiki business venture off the ground With enormous profit potential.


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